The Lantern Room


The Lantern Room aims to be timeless in appearance while remaining sharp and contemporary in function, something which The Art School team wish to compliment with their style of service.


Having been first constructed in 1840, the building that we now know to be our home was once also the home of destitute children. In 1873, Louisa Birt  rented the property to serve as part of her & her sister’s joint organisation ‘The Sheltering Home’.

Further down the line in 1915, the building was also used as an auxiliary hospital in WW1. Since then, it was taken over by The Liverpool College Of Art, where The Lantern Room was used as a still life & sculpture studio. The College then abandoned our home in 2008 and left it to fall into decay.


In 2014 when Chef Askew took over the beautiful ground floor spaces of The Lantern Room, his design brief was that of a timeless classic. He wanted to cherish the historic characteristics of the sandstone walls, whilst blending this with a sharp modern twist.

Crystal Diamond lights hang from the structural wooden beams, at different heights to give a divergent effect whichever way you look at it. This, in addition to the shift in atmosphere in the dining room caused by the transition between daylight and moonlight, makes for an ever-changing feel about the restaurant – just enough to keep you on your toes.

To quote a guest, “Dining at The Art School is like visiting a Spa, where the treatment is great Food & Drink”.


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