“Wine shares a truly synchronous harmony with art, history, and most importantly, food.
It never ceases to amaze.” – Sarah, Head Sommelier


Boasting an ever changing wine & drinks list, our cellar is always meandering into the path of new flavours, whilst keeping treasured favourites and traditional roots at the core.

Our team of Sommeliers are regularly exploring new things in order to keep the list in a notable condition. A particular favourite of theirs is our winemakers dinner series of exclusive events, where Chef Askew tailors each specific element of a ‘one-off’ Tasting Menu with wines from a single chosen winery.

The winemaker is invited to join us on the night to enjoy his/her own finest blends and vintages, while of course being present to answer any questions guests may have on the winemaking process.

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After Sarah’s great success in the world of wine, she’s managed to climb the ranks and reach a level in which she is qualified to teach.

As a result of this, guests or fellow members of the industry can join us for the Wine & Spirit Education Trust’s Level 1 & 2 courses.

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